Raechel Bailey Kolb


A member of American Endurance Ride Conference since 1986, Raechel Bailey Kolb campaigned 6000+ miles in Endurance Riding, and gained a deep foundation of horses' skeletal and musculature design. Multi-day horse-pack adventures in Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona, expanded her intimate understanding of horses. She has been a horse lover and artist since she was four years old. 

Her painting style is best described as spontaneous with illicit, and vivid use of color. While unquestionably equine, her painting seldom depicts horses with realism. Instead, she strives to paint the ethereal energy, searching to communicate their vigor, power, tenderness and nature.

Raechel is a member of Grand Junction's Artist Colony, Grand Junction's Brush and Pallet Club and is showing at Colorado Canyon's Gallery in Grand Junction, The Cowboy Mercantile in Fruita, Colorado and Three Star Gallery at Schlotzsky's of Grand Junction, which she and her husband owned until 8/31/16.

In addition to being an award winning artist, Raechel has published occasional short stories and 
poems in horse magazines and entertains her family and close friends with essays on her adventures.

In acknowledgment of her story-telling talents, her first novel, A Dance Around the Desert was 
chosen as a Finalist in 2007 USA Best Books Awards Contest. Both A Dance Around the Desert and Margarita on the Rocks , Second in the Intriguing Trails Series are available in print and as e-books. Her most recent novel, Echo is available as an e-book. 

In 1989 Raechel and her horse Sindiida Asaalah+/, foaled on 3/19/1982, were 4th National 100 
mile team and in 1991 were 6th National Mileage Team with 1220 miles. They were 1st Regional Middleweight 1989 -1992. 1992 through 1998, they continued competing but at fewer rides due mostly to Raechel becoming a mom in 1993. In 2000, Sindi followed suit, with a daughter. The team picked up again in 2001 and continued through 2004 when Raechel let her son take over the great mare.

Sindiidah Asaalah+/ ranks in the top 100 horses ever in the sport of endurance (of 25,000 + 
horses in the extreme sport) and campaigned for 20 years. In 2005, she carried Raechel's son to 2nd place Mountain Region Junior rider and earned her 5000 mile medallion as well as her Arabian Horse Legion of Supreme Honor (+/) title. From now and forever, her name will be followed by the +/ making her a champion among the Arabian horse breed as well as the Endurance horses. Much of her success was due to her ability to trot at an astounding 18 mph, slowing down only slightly for rough terrain. Sindiidah Asaalah+/ retired from the sport in 2007 after competing for 20 years with a remarkable 98% completion, 95% Top Ten and several wins to her name. In 2008, she delivered another filly. The much beloved Sindi ran with the herd until her passing on 3/11/17.