Ron MacKendrick

Woodturning is my passion!
I was first introduced to turning in high school shop class and turned sporadically for the next 40+ years (working around school, career and family).
After my brother bought me a state-of-the-art lathe several years ago, I became totally hooked and spend every spare minute in the shop.
Over the years it has been my good fortune to study with some of the most highly acclaimed woodturners in the world – Ray Allen, Trent Bosch, Jimmy Clewes, Keith Gotchall, David Ellsworth and Richard Raffin to name a few.
My work evolved from simple, utilitarian, one piece vessels in the early years to artistic pieces with intricate designs containing 2,000+ pieces of wood. Turquoise and metal inlays along with vivid dyes are also used to enhance the beauty and appeal of the natural wood.
To the extent possible I use wood destined for the fireplace or land fill. Not only is it a more environmentally responsible use for the wood, but very often those pieces of wood contain unimagined hidden beauty I constantly surf the internet looking for new inspiration.
Finally, and most importantly, I just love to turn wood into pieces of art to share with others!