Sandy King

In 1989, Sandy King left her corporate retail career in Chicago and moved to Colorado to open her own retail business. After several years, she began to feel that there was something more she wanted to do with her life.

“A seed was planted and beginning to grow – but I didn’t know what that change would be” she says.

Gradually, because of her desire to be creative, she decided to try painting. Her first attempt was very unsuccessful, but something made her try again. This time, it clicked and she became obsessed with learning technique. One year later, she won her first award in a local show.  Two years later, Sandy had here first show which was nearly a sellout. Not looking back from then on, she gave over completely to the joy of creating art.

Sandy has won numerous awards for her vibrant florals and has exhibited in solo and group shows in Colorado. Her work is in private and public collections around the country, including the Calloway Cancer center in Glenwood Springs and several pieces in the St. Mary’s Hospital permanent collection.

Recently, Sandy has purchased a building in Palisade, Colorado where she works daily producing and exhibiting her work.

Having a place to work, has given her a new artistic freedom which has resulted in art that expresses the intensity of nature.