Sue Ann Paulus

Sue Ann has a B.S., M.A. and a M. Divinity.  She has owned her own business; worked as an office manager, eventually working her way up to VP of an oil field tubular goods company; and was a career consultant.
Throughout her working career she has been an avid gardener and began taking art workshops as a way to improve her gardening, thinking that the elements and principles of design would transfer easily to landscape design. After several years she found she enjoyed watercolor, particularly plein air painting and especially the people associated with the art world.  So at 73, with the support of her husband, John, she began yet another career, combining all that she had learned in the business world with the art she has come to appreciate.  The added pleasure in this endeavor is that her good friend for 30+ years joined her, adding exceptional sales expertise. Sue Ann says "it feels like my whole life, including my friendship with Carol, prepared me for this adventure". Her enthusiasm is contagious.